bardenas reales map


Bardenas Reales

Here is the new detailed map of the 37 routes through the desert of Las Bardenas. A map with all the roads, trails, hills, and ravines of the Natural Park, where we have aimed to preserve the old routes of the bardeneros. All cabins, ponds, and other landmarks are marked so that your experience in Las Bardenas is as comfortable as possible, and you always know where you are, without getting lost, as the terrain is very easy to become disoriented due to its topography.

This map is accompanied by an explanatory book with all the information about the 37 routes, which will be the perfect complement to your bardenera getaway. It is important to remember that we are in a natural park, so it is essential to respect the environment, making responsible use of this steppe ecosystem and always respecting the rules for the conservation of this unique space.

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