bardenas reales

The Bardenas

In the southeast of Navarre, we find one of the most unique and different natural spaces in Europe. A semi-desert natural landscape, covering an area of over 42,000 hectares declared a natural park and biosphere reserve by UNESCO, the Bardenas Reales de Navarre is the largest desert in Europe.

A singular steppe ecosystem of incomparable beauty, with a multitude of paths and trails that allow us to enjoy this space shaped by the active erosion of the wind associated with torrential rainfall, creating particular and distinctive forms that become the habitat of singular animal species. A wild, dry, and different landscape, dominated by shades of ochre and orange, with a lunar appearance; its strange topography seems out of place, with clayey and sandy soils, surprising shapes highlighting ravines, tabular plateaus, badlands, fairy chimneys, and large heads that will immerse you into another world.

BardenasMaps en Arguedas, Navarra

A paradise to discover

A paradise of light, open skies, vast horizons, and solitude isolated from the noise of the world, where calm and tranquility reign, awakening your senses with the scent of rosemary, lavender cotton, thyme, and numerous aromatic plants. A place that invites relaxation, finding inner peace in an intimate, personal setting, surrounded by nature. Enjoy breathtaking views, breathe pure air, soak in the silence that dominates this land. You will feel in a space with a lunar character that transports you to another time, with the sensation of being lost in a different world.

Much to appreciate.

Ideal for exploring on foot, by bike, in 4×4 vehicles, on horseback… As you wish… Different routes with mountains, ravines, hills, mounds, ascents, descents, plains… all in an extremely wild, solitary environment of spectacular natural beauty.

The Bardenas Reales are linked to a rural world rich in traditions, history, transhumance, cultures… As a natural park, it is always necessary to respect the heritage and natural environment to the fullest. Incomparable routes, always in a controlled and environmentally respectful manner, thus practicing sustainable tourism.

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